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Friday April 29th 2016




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Andrew Hoffman – The Battle For $1250 Gold

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Where’s It Going Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

April 27th (today) – a day of Central bank infamy?
The Myth of “QE to Infinity”
The Ultimate Chinese Finger Trap
Silver 2016 – the Cartel’s last stand
China vs. the Gold Cartel – No Contest!

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It’s early Wednesday morning; on what may, following this afternoon’s Fed decision, and tonight’s by the Bank of Japan, turn out to be a “day of Central banking infamy.”  Which is why, before I get to today’s extremely important topic, I’m going to start with my fourth straight day of detailed “manipulation analysis.”

Frankly, nothing I have seen in 14 years in the sector has been as blatant, and desperate, as what I’ve seen in the last week – as the Cartel chaotically attempts, and fails, to respond to the hard fact that dollar-priced gold, silver, and platinum have joined PM markets in the world’s other 180 currencies in BULL MARKETS.  And this, ironically, on the five-year anniversary of the May 1st, 2011 “Sunday Night Paper Silver Massacre.”

Thus, when you see a surge like last Thursday, when silver shot up to $17.60 – and gold to $1,270 – before the Cartel swooped in to “save the status quo,” you can be sure markets are simply saying “we’ll be back there soon.”  Heck, silver almost got back there this morning (trading at $17.30 as I write); and my guess is, it won’t be too long before not only $17.60, but $18.00 will be in the rear-view mirror.  To that end, the “all-time high” silver open interest and “commercial” short positions appear on the verge of proving, once and for all – notwithstanding whatever the Cartel attempts in the wake of today’s FOMC decision – that the “COTs no longer matter!

As for such manipulative transparency, here’s what I wrote yesterday morning of Monday’s gold “trading” – followed by charts of not only Monday’s; but yesterday’s; and this morning’s trading – amidst an environment of “horrible headlines” such as miserable durable goods, PMI service, and consumer confidence numbers.  And oh yeah, last night’s catastrophic earnings report from Apple, whilst Exxon was stripped of the triple-A credit rating it held for the prior 86 years.  Not to mention, Bitcoin dramatically breaking out, in yet another glaring example of just how scared the world is becoming of the inevitability of a “cashless society,” featuring negative interest rates.  Heck, even CNBC is now openly “fighting the Fed,” in proclaiming it would be “crazy” for them to raise rates.

And finally, the prototypical gold “up day” – starting with a “2:15 AM” smash; capped at the 10:00 AM close of physical gold trading (i.e., “key attack time #1); and ending with the usual end of day “walk down.”

In this case, desperately clinging to the nearly three month “line in the sand,” at the “key round number” of $1,250/oz that appears ready to be violently breached – likely, permanently – to the upside.  As an aside, I have not seen the “Cartel Herald” algorithm – i.e., the “pennant formation” shown below – a single time in “Dow Jones Propaganda Average” history; as opposed to gold and silver, where every uptick in the 14 years I’ve been watching has been stopped by it.


That said, it’s time to move on to today’s extremely important topic, of how the walls are not-so-slowly caving in on the gold Cartel – as the reality of history’s most violently bullish fundamentals starts to overtake the fraud of covert, unreported Western Central bank dishoarding; naked shorting; and propaganda – care of the “ultimate Chinese finger trap.”

To that end, long-time readers are well aware that I use the term “mosaic” quite often, in describing the incorporation of dozens of “factors” into my analysis of Precious Metal markets, to come up with a broad-based, “best guess” prediction of the future.  As opposed to what the vast majority of today’s “analysts” and newsletter writers do; in utilizing a single input or theory – often, involving a conspiracy of some sort, or “proprietary” technical analysis – to explain market movements.

In the case of Precious Metals, each “compartment” of my mosaic is ragingly bullish.  Cumulatively speaking, on an inflation-adjusted basis – let alone, considering “peak production” officially passed – more so than at any time in history.  However, the biggest “piece of the puzzle” is undoubtedly China.  Which, with a 1,000-year history of failed fiat currencies ingrained in the DNA of its 1.5 billion citizens, is hell bent on not only protecting itself from the collapse of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme, but emerging from the wreckage as the world’s leading economic power.  Which, as history tells us in spades, is a role always assumed by the nation with the most gold.

In my view, no article puts the “ultimate Chinese finger trap” into perspective better than this one; published yesterday, and titled “these five trends in China will change the gold market.”  And change the market it most certainly will – for generations to come!

In a nutshell, the five aspects of the “mosaic” discussed in the article are the following…

  1. China officially participates in the London gold fix (as of June 2015)
  2. The renminbi is in the IMF basket (as of November 2015)
  3. China officially participates in the London silver fix (as of March 2016)
  4. China now generates its own gold fix (as of April 2016)
  5. Chinese gold production is slowing
  6. Lack of other alternatives for Chinese investors

In reading the authors’ commentary on these topics – and dozens of articles the Miles Franklin Blog has produced on such issues – it becomes crystal clear that not only is the “ultimate Chinese finger trap” suffocating the life out of the dying gold and silver Cartel, but at a rapidly accelerating rate.  And now that global money printing, and debt accumulation, is going parabolic, the odds of this “mosaic” coalescing to end two decades of manipulative infamy – and the most destructive financial status quo in centuries – have never been higher.


Silver Shortage, Will Skyrocket as Cartel is Now Breaking Up – Andy Hoffman Interview

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First, a “full court press” on the Cartel – as I will NOT allow them to get away with what they have pulled the past week, without it being properly called out.  In my view, 14 years of such documentation – from myself, GATA, and others – has unquestionably enabled the TRUTH to be circulated to “big” and “small money” alike; and thus, accelerated the inevitable end game of freely traded markets.  Plus, it empowers readers the world round, to see through the lies, and act to protect themselves.

That said, keep in mind that today is one of the biggest “key attack events” ever, given the duel Cartel threats of today’s COMEX options expiration – undoubtedly, countless $17/oz silver call options are open; and tomorrow’s potential “day of Central bank infamy,” as first the Fed, and then the Bank of Japan, issue updated policy statements.  Which is why it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the PPT’s “pre-FOMC drift” algorithms were executed the second New York’s “pre-market” opened – as by now, any financial professional with a pulse realizes roughly half of all S&P 500 gains of the past decade-plus have occurred the day before Fed meetings.  Conversely, here’s what the Cartel did at the usual “2:15 AM” time stamp – which I’ve paired with what they did at 2:15 AM on June 14th, 2013; i.e., the first of the 720 trading days since I started tracking such activity – of which 628, or 87%, have depicted a nearly identical pattern.


FYI, here’s what has happened to COMEX registered gold inventories during these three years of manipulative infamy – setting up what inevitably will be the biggest physical short squeeze in commodity history.


Nothing I have seen has been as transparent, and heavy-handed, as the past week’s Cartel efforts to slow the silver rocket, and cap gold at their nearly three-month “line in the sand” of $1,250/oz.  And before I show you the following charts, please take a look at what I wrote Friday and Monday – in which, I posted charts of the last week’s gold, silver, and stock “trading,” which make the above gold comparison pale in comparison, in terms of how blatant such actions have been.

First, here’s yesterday’s silver “trading,” in an environment of much weaker than expected economic data (when isn’t it?); juxtaposed against what I showed yesterday – of what the Cartel did on Thursday, when silver attempted to surge past $17.50/oz.


Next, yet another “dead ringer” for the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average,” whilst all other major global stock averages declined.  And finally, the prototypical gold “up day” – starting with a “2:15 AM” smash; capped at the 10:00 AM close of physical gold trading (i.e., “key attack time #1); and ending with the usual end of day “walk down,” whilst the Dow is “Hail Mary’d” to its highs.


This morning, the Cartel is so scared of a “COMEX opex” close (at 1:30 PM EST) above $17/oz; let alone, a day ahead of what will likely be mega-dovish Fed and BOJ policy statements; they did this just before the COMEX open, with no other market budging.


That said, prices for both gold and silver are rallying sharply into the New York open – with silver again above $17; following an abysmal durable goods miss, portraying the 14th straight monthly decline -which has not occurred outside recession (LOL) in…wait for it…60 years!  Gee, I can’t wait to see what statistical fabrications the BLS comes up with on Thursday, to avoid a negative print for first quarter GDP growth.  This is getting very, very interesting.

a6 a7

And now, on a day where the only other economic news is a major UK pension fund slashing benefits – get ready for this to occur everywhere; the potentially imminent sovereign default of the Malaysian government; and the pathetic “anti-Trump” coalition failing within hours (heck, I just might vote for him, to silence these morons), let’s get on to one of the most important, violently “PM-bullish, everything-else-bearish” concepts I’ve discussed yet.  Which is, the myth that stock and bond markets can be supported indefinitely – let alone, in real terms – by “QE to Infinity.”

It started with the Fed being forced to “taper” QE after having “monetized” more than a third of all Treasury bonds – particularly the most market-sensitive ones, at the long end of the yield curve; and more than half of all mortgage-backed bonds.  In other words, irrespective of whether the Fed felt the need to monetize bonds, they were running out of supply to do so – even as government debt issuance has surged to record levels.  As not only did the Fed’s unwieldy $4.5 trillion balance sheet put its own credibility – and solvency – into question, but it has caused dramatic ramifications in the rapidly “de-liquefying” repo market.  In other words, the amount of good collateral for banks to base loan activity has dried up – in other words, the polar opposite effect of the “liquidity injection” QE is targeted to accomplish.

Next, the same thing occurred in Japan; and most recently, in Europe; where the ECB is now resorting to monetizing corporate bonds, given that they are running out of sovereign bonds – and causing nearly the entire continent’s sovereign bond market to trade at economy-killing negative yields.  So yes, while the “zero bound” has clearly not proven to be the “QE end game” – at least, not yet – a lack of monetizable supply certainly is.  So unless Central banks can find a way to increase debt loads exponentially, at increasingly negative interest rates, it will soon become impossible to continue QE.  Let alone, as the currencies such bonds are being issued in are crashing; and confidence in the issuing governments and monetizing Central banks is destroyed.

That said, what is going on Japan as we speak – which may well be “pushed over the edge” by tomorrow night’s potentially market-shattering policy statement – takes “end game” to a whole new level.  Not that I haven’t spoken of this before, as I did in last week’s Audioblog – of how Japanese equity monetization is putting the “Land of the Setting Sun” on the verge of total economic implosion.

Japan’s overt equity monetization scheme – which since announced four years ago, has failed to accomplish much more than a levitation at levels more than 50% below the high of 27 years ago – has caused the BOJ to know own well above 50% of the Nikkei Exchange’s ETFs, to the point that either all of its stocks will need to be packaged into ETFs; or the BOJ will literally start to be the majority owner of countless hundreds of public companies.  Which as you can imagine, poses a whole new set of ‘unintended consequence’ problems – like, for instance, turning Japan’s covert fascism into overt communism.”

Well, guess what?  Not one week later, this shocking news item emerged, of how the Bank of Japan is now a top 10 holder of roughly 90% of Japanese stocks.  In other words, the Japanese government is on the verge of owning the corporate sector.  And again, the expectation for tomorrow’s BOJ policy statement is that they may double their pace of equity monetization – despite having literally run out of ETFs to buy.  In other words, Japan is about to turn COMMUNIST – just as its debt explodes to unprecedented levels, and its unparalleled “demographic hell” kicks in – unaided, I might add, by the Fukishima nuclear fallout that has caused birth rates to plunge further.

In other words, my long-time prediction that Japan will become the first “first world” nation to experience 21st Century hyperinflation is coming closer and closer to reality.  And sadly, Japan’s experience is simply the “template” of what will occur throughout the rest of the “first world” – as history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme implodes in the coming months and years.  Got gold and silver?



How blatant has the manipulation become in “2016, the Cartel’s last stand?”  Take a look at the silver charts on Thursday and Friday, and tell me if anything appears “familiar.”


Better yet, take a gander at last night’s 140th “Sunday Night Sentiment” capping of the past 146 weekends; and 627th “2:15 AM” raid of the past 719 trading days.  Again, does anything appear “similar?”


Yes, this is what a pre-programmed “suppression algo” looks like – in contrast to the dead ringer “support algo” that props up the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average” on roughly 90% of all trading days.  Don’t think so?  I first wrote of it four years ago!  Here’s it in action on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday last week, by the way.


And here’s the polar opposite “trading” action in gold – of being capped or attacked at “2:15 AM” each day last week, and either smashed or “walked down” as the New York trading day progressed – as the Cartel maniacally defends its 2½ month “line in the sand” at $1,250/oz.


This, as silver was breaking to new highs for the year – despite it, too, being capped or attacked all five days of the week, at both 2:15 AM and some point in the latter stages of New York trading.  But hey, not only is this the “Cartel’s last stand,” but the lead up to tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) COMEX options expiration, and Wednesday’s potential “day of Central bank infamy.”  Not to mention, the Cartel is trying to adjust to its 2½ month silver line in the sand at $16/oz being smashed to oblivion, by attempting to “dig in” at $17/oz.  By the way, for all of you silver manipulation aficionados, GATA contacted the CFTC to ask what they thought about Deutschebank’s admission that they suppressed gold and silver for the past 15 years…and they claimed to not be aware of it!


It will all fail, of course – like every attempt to manipulate markets throughout history.  And by the way, take a look at the chart of that “other alternative currency” – Bitcoin – which as I write, is on the verge of a major technical breakout above $450.  Gee, its chart looks a lot like gold’s from 1979-2004, just before it surged fivefold – only compressed into a mere 2½ years!  Why do I bring it up, you ask?  Not just because I’ve been very vocal about taking a (small) position in it early this year – upon news that negative interest rates and the “war on cash” were going global; but because I believe worldwide fear of monetary inflation and capital controls is dramatically escalating.

a6 a7

As for today’s topic, am I “going out on a limb” in making such a prediction – regarding Wednesday’s dual policy-setting meetings of the Fed and Bank of Japan?  Perhaps, but perhaps not.  I mean, it’s not likely they will produce anything “unexpected” – particularly the Fed, which is expected to maintain interest rates at 0.25%, and espouse the same dovishness as at its March 16th policy meeting, and Janet Yellen’s hyper-inflationary New York Economic Club speech of March 29th.  That said, Haruhiko Kuroda is anticipated to unleash something “new”; likely, in the form of increased equity QE, if not equity plus fixed income.

In other words, the combined effect will undoubtedly scream of an escalation of the “final currency war,” putting us one day closer to the moment that whatever “confidence” in Central bank omniscience still remains is violently, and permanently, shattered.  Will Wednesday be Janet Yellen and/or Hiruhiko Kuroda’s “Jimmy Shaker Day (for those that have seen Mel Gibson’s Ransom movie)?  I don’t know, but without doubt, it’s coming soon.  And when it does, if you haven’t already protected yourself with real money, it will already be too late.

P.S.  Wow, Wow, WOW!  Just as I finished editing, this incredible article appeared on Zero Hedge, proclaiming that the Bank of Japan now is one of the Top 10 holders of 90% of all Japanese stocks!!!!!!!!  My god, is this how it all ends – in a flaming ball of Atlas Shrugged-like lunacy?  And will the Bank of Japan’s likely announcement that it will buy more – perhaps, twice as much – equity, launch said “end game?”



It’s Saturday afternoon on the flight home from Ft. Lauderdale, following a wonderful day at the beach with my family – including my father, who has lived here since 2009.  Thursday night’s Q&A event was a tremendous success – with 200 people attending, 500 participating in the interactive webcast, and Kerry Lutz doing a tremendous job hosting.  To that end, the entire three-plus hour proceedings were uploaded here.  And for those living in Houston and Chicago, we hope to see you at our upcoming events on May 20th (hosted by Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends) and June 24th, respectively – which you can register for by clicking here and here.


As for what occurred outside the cloistered world of our Florida event, it’s difficult to put into words the madness of what were once markets, in an environment where economic fundamentals catalyzed movement until roughly 15 year ago.  In equities, the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average” is now being propped by the “dead ringer” algorithm on roughly 90% of all trading days – including yesterday, when the top stories were the lowest manufacturing PMI since 2009; plunging Philly Fed and Chicago Fed activity indices; 12,000 job cuts from Intel; and horrific earnings announcements from economic bellwethers Microsoft, Google, Starbucks, Caterpillar, and Visa.  To that end, I can’t wait to see what the Fed and Bank of Japan say at their respective policy meetings this Wednesday – as it sure as hell better be mega-dovish.


As for commodities, even I’m dumbfounded at watching oil pushed back to $43/bbl (which is still a horribly low number), in the face of unrelenting negative news flow – like Schlumberger and Halliburton noting the historic E&P “cash crisis”; and Saudi Arabia and Russia, just one week after the epic failure in Doha, producing crude at record levels.  Just like equities, which have rallied for 2½ months without a shred of incrementally positive data; amidst plunging corporate earnings; and P/E valuations akin to the 2000 bubble top – oil prices have been manipulated in unprecedented fashion – per the this Zero Hedge-quoted statement from a long-time trader.

The insanity has now fully spilled into the commodity markets – to which I professionally made a transition to after the 2008 crisis, from the financial markets, simply because I believed commodities would still function according to true fundamentals.”

But alas, they don’t; and like equities, fixed income, and essentially all markets these days, the historic imbalances created by such gross, world-destroying manipulations must be reckoned with – likely, far sooner than most can imagine.  That said, the blatancy, heavy-handedness, and desperation of the manipulation of all financial markets combined, doesn’t hold a candle to Precious Metals; i.e., the canary in the coal mine the powers that be are so terrified of losing control of.

Practically speaking, they have nearly lost the war already – as in all currencies, gold is in a bull market; in most cases, for more than a year.  In fact, gold is either near, at, or above all-time highs nearly everywhere.  And now that silver has taken off, yielding a plunging gold/silver ratio, the writing is on the wall of what’s to come.  Throw in surging institutional demand – as evidenced by soaring, and resilient, mining shares; surging bullion ETF holdings; and rising closed-end bullion fund premiums; and it couldn’t be clearer that the “New York Gold Pool” – which commenced just before the turn of the century – is on its last legs; just as the “London Gold Pool” in 1968.  Only this time, a lot more is at stake; for the global monetary system, political leadership, and social fabric.

With each passing week, new “game-changing” events are exposing the Cartel in plain site; from the January 28th silver “fix” that prompted many of the world’s largest miners to no longer trade on the LBMA; the BOJ joining the QE-expanding ECB in negative rate territory; Sprott’s PSLV silver fund executing its first offering (and $86 million silver purchase) in five years; and Deutschebank admitting it has manipulated the gold and silver markets for 15 years.  Consequently, gold, silver, and platinum have decidedly broken out in dollar-priced terms – breaking above long-time, Cartel-generated resistance levels to reach multi-month highs.  And trust me, when mining shares start leading the metals, and silver leads gold, we are unquestionably in a bull market.

To that end, what we witnessed the past three trading days was, even for me, incredible to watch.  Starting on Wednesday; when, as the PPT again “dead ringer’d” the Dow higher, the Cartel’s new “lines in the sand” at $1,250 gold and $17 silver were defended first at the usual “2:15 AM” EST open of London paper trading; and then, for the third time in the past month, in the last half hour of NYSE trading.

a3 a4 a5

Thursday was even worse – with gold and silver, on the first day of the Shanghai Fix, rising as high as $1,270/oz and $17.60/oz, respectively, before being smashed down – amidst massively PM-bullish economic data,  at the 10:00 AM EST close of physical PM trading; closing trading session at, what do you know, exactly $1,250/oz and $17/oz.

a6 a7

That said, Friday was worst yet; as even with silver surging anew – this time, to $17.30/oz – the Cartel capped gold with a vengeance at $1,250/oz.  In fact, during the morning, reflecting what I noted above, the “red-headed stepchild” silver was actually thwarting the Cartel’s efforts to smash gold!  Finally, at the 12:00 PM EST “cap of last resort,” with no other markets budging, amidst a slew of “PM bullish, everything-else-bearish” news, the Cartel were finally able to waterfall decline gold, getting it to plunge $20/oz before closing down $16/oz.  However, silver closed down a mere $0.02/oz, as the Cartel yet again failed to reverse the powerful, real-metal-buying-supported silver surge.  And by the way, note how identical silver’s charts were on both days, showing the entire, rapidly-learning world just how obviously it is manipulated.  Let alone, in light of last week’s game-changing Deutschebank admission.


To a man, the most amazing aspect of what’s going on done in such a short amount of time.  And yet, as I wrote is the Cartel’s abject desperation, in naked shorting more paper metal than it has ever in “about those COTs” and other articles, they are decidedly failing to push the metals down – particularly silver, which is challenging 52-week highs nearly every day now.  Again, because we are back in a bull market.

I mean, look at these charts of “commercial” – i.e., Cartel – shorting.  In silver’s case, to nearly its highest level ever; and for gold, its largest short position nearly three years.  And given that the latest COT data point is as of Tuesday’s close – before the aforementioned three days of Cartel ignominy – I can only imagine where their short positions stand today; particularly in silver, which still sits just under $17/oz, after taking the Cartel’s best shots.

a9 a10

To that end, the last time I saw silver act so strongly was right after PSLV went public in late 2010 – before surging from $24/oz to $50/oz in just seven months’ time.  And given that today’s silver (and gold) fundamentals are many multiples more powerful, it’s only a matter of time before the Cartel, and its minions, are utterly destroyed.  Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see things play out just as they did in 1980, with the last 90% of the bull run occurring in the last 10% of time.  And even if PMs’ ultimate trajectory is different, their gains will be far greater.  As this time around, there will be no governments or Central banks capable of slowing them down.


Ladies and gentleman, I have been shouting from the rooftops that the dollar-priced gold and silver bottoms are in; and now, believe the “Cartel’s last stand” is directly ahead of us.  As usual, the far tighter silver market is leading Economic Mother Nature’s real money troops; and frankly, I’d be shocked if they don’t “break through enemy lines,” to some extent, this year.  And when they do, you will you be thankful to have physical metal in your possession, and terrified at the coincident changes in “civilization.”

Andrew Hoffman – Worldwide Precious Metals Bull Market

Financial Survival Network

Where do we go from here Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

– Shanghai Fix, Deutschebank, PSLV (and soon CEF and PHYS) deals
– Exploding global demand, falling production
– Worst global economy every, exploding money printing
– Doha meeting

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Today you’re in for a “change of pace,” as I’m writing on the red eye to Ft. Lauderdale at 1:00 AM, having been awake for 20 hours without so much as a five minute catnap.  Plus, I’m on Spirit Airlines – which by far, has the narrowest seats of any airline on the planet; so my arms are so compressed, I can barely type.

That said, the good news is you’ll get a true “stream of thought” article – as my senses are simultaneously dulled by exhaustion, and heightened by the joy of watching Sylvie – one of the only other still awake souls – turning the pages of her My Little Pony workbook.  And for once, I have no internet availability, so I can’t be distracted by email, financial markets, or Precious Metal prices (although I am aware that silver surged to a new nine-month high of $17.30/oz before I boarded).

Yes, I accumulated plenty of “horrible headlines” in the past 24 hours; and yes, I could discuss this week’s explosive silver breakout – and maniacal, three-month old Cartel defense of $1,250/oz gold.  But frankly, aside from the sad announcement that one of the only true champion of real money America has known, Andrew Jackson, is being deleted from the $20 bill’s face – whilst the vile Alexander Hamilton, who ushered in what became the Federal Reserve, gets to remain on the $10l, I’m going to uncharacteristically eschew the news.  Other than to note that by the time this article is uploaded, the ECB will have issued another historically dovish policy statement – in advance of next week’s April 27th “monetary D-Day”; when the Bank of Japan is expected to double its equity “QQE” program, whilst Whirlybird Janet fabricates new excuses why the Fed needs to “hold off” policy tightening, whilst peddling fiction of the “recovery’ no one but Wall Street sees.

No, what I want to talk about is the fact that four years of Precious Metal pain is over, following the most violent, intense price suppression scheme in financial market history.  Not that suppression attempts have ended; as to the contrary, they are more vicious, blatant, and unrelenting than ever; and not just in gold and silver, but all asset classes.  And not that said “bear market” has been universal – as on average, gold near, at, or above previous all-time highs in nearly all currencies.  As even so, silver is decidedly not – nor are “paper PM investments” like mining shares, ETFs, and closed-end funds.  Thus, unless you have only owned physical gold in foreign currencies – which few do – you have experienced an historically brutal, and “unfair,” bear market since the “Sunday Night Paper Silver Massacre” of May 1st, 2011; and “Operation PM Annihilation I” four months later.  “Unfair,” in that it has occurred amidst the most bullish fundamentals imaginable; whilst conversely, “favored” investments like stocks and bonds have been ceaselessly supported amidst the worst imaginable environment.  Which consequently, has set the stage for one of history’s most violent mean reversions; as never before have Precious Metals been so undervalued; and financial assets, so historically overvalued.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 14 years of Cartel-fighting ignominy; and 45 years on the planet; it’s that life is unfair.  Not to mention, difficult, stressful, and unrelenting.  Which is why I, like everyone else, was forced to identify coping mechanisms, both personally and professionally.  To that end, I could easily write a hell of an entertaining book about what I’ve endured – and perhaps I will one day, when the battle is finally won.  That said, the end of the Cartel will unquestionably usher in a far more difficult existence, despite the “riches” higher gold and silver prices will bring to those, like myself, who had the strength of will to resist normalcy, and the courage to invest in the world’s most manipulated, and despised, asset class.  So it may well be a pyrrhic victory, as I may well be equally vilified for being “right,” as for having predicted the future in Cassandra-like fashion.

Philosophy aside, at my core I’m a financial analyst, with a lifetime of academic and practical training in how to “make money.”  It’s what drove me to Wall Street in the late 1980s, and to Precious Metals in 2002.  And today, to put essentially 100% of my liquid, investable assets where my mouth is – as I not only believe they will rise exponentially, but know so.  And whether rising gold, silver, and platinum will enable me to live richly, I could care less; as right now, I care principally of protecting my life’s savings; and secondarily, ensuring a safe and comfortable existence for Diana and Sylvie.  Which I am equally confident will NOT occur via historically overvalued stocks and bonds, particularly in a pre-Socialist world, where income and capital gains taxes are likely to skyrocket.

Along my 15 year journey, I’ve witnessed essentially all aspects of the Precious Metal industry, both good and bad.  And not just in Precious Metals but the financial markets in general, and the world at large.   First, as an equity investor; then, an investor relations officer; and finally, a die hard “gold bug,” purveying actual physical metal in what has become as much a labor of love as a job.

As suggested above, life is extremely humbling; and nowhere more so than in a world where one’s stock and trade has been commandeered by evil forces, whose sole goal is to destroy, defraud, and pillage.  But alas, from a purely financial standpoint, the “powers that be” are at the end of their rope.  Sure, they’ve still kept control, for the most part, of most financial assets.  But NOT economic activity, commodity prices, currency volatility, or political and social stability.  And NOT Precious Metals, as gold has not only surged worldwide, but decidedly bottomed in America, the epicenter of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme.

Well, that’s enough for now – as pretty soon I’m going to pass out, and I’d really like to be refreshed for tonight’s historic Q&A event.  But before I sign off, I want you to take a collective deep breath; ponder what you have dealt with for these four long years – or longer, for the “paper PM investment” sector; and know that you have survived the worst; and thus, are positioned to survive, and potentially thrive, in the coming, difficult years – as “YES, THE PRECIOUS METAL BULL MARKET IS FINALLY BACK!”

SILVER BREAKS OUT Amidst Global Economic CHAOS — Andy Hoffman

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China launched its Yuan-denominated Gold fix TODAY as the world moves away from the criminally corrupt LBMA paper gold and silver FIXES in the City of London — and what do we see? Silver breaking out to 10-month highs today, as the Chinese buy PHYSICAL silver! Meanwhile Deutsche Bank prepares itself for Billion dollar lawsuits for its role in the criminal conspiracy to rig the prices of both gold and silver. Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin joins me to discuss. Thanks for tuning in.

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