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Tuesday June 28th 2016



Black Market

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Last week, I saw the below article about how Europe’s “black market” is booming…

Europe’s Black Market Economy is Booming

…in other words, the “off the books” movement to avoid onerous taxes in a socialist – bordering communist – society gone BERSERK…

Soaring tax rates feeding Europe’s booming black markets, study says

…which is EXACTLY where America is heading…

Record Number of Households on Food Stamps– 1 out of every 5

Record number of Americans on disability would make up 8th most populous state

…particularly when Obamacare is rolled out next year…

President to explain how Great ObamaCare is

…per punitive, BUSINESS-KILLING taxes such as this…

All employers with an annual payroll bigger than $400k who do not pay to enroll employees in the public insurance option will pay an 8% tax on all payroll; while employers with an annual payroll between $251K & $400K who does not pay to enroll employees in public insurance option will pay a 2-6% tax on all payroll.

-Kevin Collins

The “BLACK MARKET” has always been citizens’ favored option when oppressed by unjust tax regimes (not to mention, contraband products and services); and care of today’s GLOBAL FIAT PONZI SCHEME, sovereign debts have risen so high, governments are guaranteed to TAX to oblivion

National Debt 1900-2020


I in no way condone such activities – as they are illegal.  Conversely, I am simply pointing out that they have not only occurred throughout HISTORY…

The Big Business of Black Markets

…but are doing so NOW; and will continue to gain momentum as worldwide taxation explodes

Argentina Inflation and Black Market Money: A Report from the Ground

Just in the past two weeks, France banned the purchase of bullion coins via the mail; while India prohibited banks from selling gold altogether.  These are the kind of conditions that foster black markets to develop…

France bans Shipment of Gold & Silver in the Mail!

India Central Bank Prohibits Sales of Gold Coins

…and rest assured, if the U.S. government is dumb enough to enact similar legislation (prices would skyrocket overnight); the same would happen here…


People constantly ask me why they should consider owning PHYSICAL gold and silver, given the possibility a 1933-like confiscation decree could be enacted.  As noted above, I believe such a draconian act would make little practical sense; but then again, desperate governments are not known for their adherence to logic…

Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness

Irrespective, my answer to such questions is always the same.  That is, the only way such decrees would be considered would be after the dollar has crashed; at which point, would you rather own…


The “BLACK MARKET” may not be an optimal method of enacting business.  However, if governments continue to TAX, PRINT, and SPEND like drunken sailors, they will inevitably proliferate – WORLDWIDE.


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