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Tuesday July 29th 2014



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Need Or Want, Demand Is Dying

Need Or Want, Demand Is Dying

Here’s all you need to know – starting with today’s COMEX gold and silver options expiration.  Trust me, it’s no “coincidence” that we witnessed the 56th “Sunday night sentiment” raid of the past 57 weeks and 267th “2:15 AM” attack of the past 301 trading days. Moreover, TPTB are still reeling from Friday’s rare “key [...]

They’re Screaming We’re Not Going to Let You Out

Andy Hoffman joins Rory Hall from The Daily Coin to discuss the 10 year Treasury yield, the bond market, negative GDP growth, big attack on gold and silver, the U.S. economy collapsing, home sales are dropping, China and Russia.  To listen to this interview, please click below. Andy Hoffman They're Screaming We're Not Going to Let You Out

The Best Laid Plans

On his weekly podcast, Andy Hoffman discusses negative interest rates, 10 year Treasury yield, jobless claims, home sales, Europe, gold and silver.  To listen to the audio, please click below: Download the MP3 File: The Best Laid Plans Video: The Best Laid Plans

The End of Gold and Silver Mining

The End of Gold and Silver Mining

How many reasons to own precious metals- and fear all else-what can I say? I guess we’ll see today, culminating in today’s topic du jour - the increased confidence in our long-standing prediction that not only has global gold and silver mining peaked, but will likely not rebound material even after the Cartel’s inevitable demise. Let’s [...]

Radio Appearance with John Stadtmiller of RBN – July 22, 2014

Andy Hoffman joins John Stadtmiller of the Republic Broadcasting Network to discuss JPMorgan recent fines, U.S. dollar reserve, London Gold Fix, Germany, Russia, U.S. housing market, gold and silver.   To download the audio, please click on the link below: Andy Hoffman - Republic Broadcasting Network - July 22, 2014

Peak Madness

Peak Madness

Since TPTB realized their fiat Ponzi scheme had passed the “point of no return” in mid-2011, market manipulation has reached heights never before imagined - culminating in last week’s “absolute peak of lunacy,” when Goldman Sachs invoked the long discredited “Fed Model” to predict the S&P 500 would double by year-end if both [...]

Miles Franklin Q & A: Interest Rates Affect Far More Than Just Derivatives

With the obvious and continuous price manipulation in the paper gold and silver markets, why does anyone use those markets to base the physical price on any more?  Why doesn't the physical market make a clean break from the fake paper casino?  Have two markets: one based on paper for the manipulators to play their games (with no relation [...]

Andy Hoffman on Butler on Business Show – July 22,2014

Andy Hoffman joins Alan Butler from the Butler on Business show to discuss BRICS, the U.S. dollar, Ukraine and the Middle East, markets being manipulated,stocks plummeting, oil prices surging, gold and silver. To listen to the interview, please click below. Andy Hoffman - Butler on Business - July 22, 2014    

Archduke Ferdinand Moment?

Archduke Ferdinand Moment?

For years, we have highlighted the catastrophic global ramifications of Central bank generated inflation, particularly following the unprecedented post-2008 money printing spree that continues unfettered today.  First to experience its horrific consequences were “Arab Spring” nations whose citizens spend the highest proportion of their [...]

Is This 1914 All Over Again?

Andy Hoffman joins Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network to discuss that U.S. housing starts down 11 percent, mortgage apps at 20 year low, Ukraine, food and energy prices increasing, Russia, China's housing, gold and silver.  To listen to the audio, please click below. Andrew Hoffman - Is This 1914 All Over Again?  

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