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Saturday June 25th 2016



Demographic Hell

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As long-time readers know, I have written for years of the Western World’s poor demographics, yielding a shrinking population while Eastern populations are rising.  I have particularly focused on Japan…

Japan’s Demographic Time Bomb Is Imploding

…featuring the world’s second highest average age (keep in mind, this table is two years old)…

List of countries by median age – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

…and lowest fertility rate, which likely will worsen following last year’s Fukishima nuclear catastrophe

Fertility Rate, Total Births per Woman statistics

Last week, Daniel at Future Money Trends posted an excellent ten-minute feature on the global economic collapse, devoting a significant portion to the “DEMOGRAPHIC HELL” I’ve long been writing of…

The Economic Collapse For Dummies

In essence, “peak spending” for the average person – WORLDWIDE – occurs at ages 46-50, then plummets thereafter.  In fact, spending for the average 50-59 year old is 60% less than a 46-50 year old; and when one reaches age 60, spending declines an additional 60%…

Per these tables, Japan’s average citizen is 49 years old, while the average German or Italian is 47, and the average Spaniard or Greek 45.  Thus, spending in the world’s second, third, and fourth most indebted nations is about to plummet, with its two biggest basket cases not far behind.  And while the table lists the average American at just 40, the statistics are badly skewed by the fact that an EXPLOSION of baby boomers (aged 55-65) is being offset by an even bigger EXPLOSION in young, impoverished immigrants – many of whom will be receiving FREE healthcare, food stamps, and other entitlements with PRINTED GOVERNMENT MONEY.  Thus, an equally horrific demographic situation in the worlds’ MOST indebted nation…

List of countries by median age – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Back to fertility, Japan is firmly planted near the bottom of the list, as are nearly all the PIIGS nations.  America, the UK, and France sit around two births per woman – barely enough to sustain a population (ex-immigration), while Africa and the Middle East seem intent on causing global overpopulation and starvation all by themselves.  I have long postulated the declining Western birth rate is directly related to Central bank inflation – making it too costly to rear children.  Thus, PONZI SCHEMES like Social Security and Medicare will shortly run out.

Fertility Rate, Total Births per Woman statistics

It doesn’t help the situation that governments LOOT supposed “trust funds” like Social Security.  However, it wouldn’t matter anyway, as “Math 101” says worsening demographics will do the job anyway – aided by the aforementioned INFLATION, an unforeseen consequence of rampant MONEY PRINTING…

Federal “Borrowing” of Social Security Funds


Either way, the ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD – and key Eastern nations like Japan – are not only facing FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON, but a “DEMOGRAPHIC HELL” that will only make things worse.  Thus…


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