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Monday July 28th 2014



Yamashita’s Gold?

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Over the last 2 or 3 months people have been bombarding me with links regarding “Yamashita’s gold.”  They tell me that the world is awash in gold and that according to Karen Hudes (formerly high level lawyer of the World Bank) 170,000 tons of gold are just sitting in a vault in Hawaii.  Others have told me that no, she only says that “certificates” representing this 170,000 tons are in Hawaii.  Privately I have been told that she has backed off of this claim and says that the gold is hidden in the Philippines.  First off, claims such as these surely taint us “conspiracy (fact) nuts” reputations …and secondly this nice round number of 170,000 tons is roughly the estimate of all gold that has been mined…since the beginning of recorded time.  This amount of gold is 20 times more than the U.S. purports to have.  This amount is more than 5 times the amount that ALL central banks purport to have!

I’m not sure which direction to go first so let’s look at it from a U.S. centric standpoint and then move on.  If this was true and “we” did have this amount of gold in Hawaii it would have to be stored somewhere right?  This “somewhere” would have to be pretty big since it’s almost 40 times what is supposedly in Ft. Knox and it would have to be guarded?  It would have had to have been shipped there at some point and presumably heavily guarded with human beings who actually “speak.”  “Speak” as in word would have gotten around about the lines of armored cars and guards moving “something” from somewhere into a vault…in Hawaii.  Now, would the U.S. have been dumb enough to store 30 or 40 times the amount that Ft. Knox supposedly holds…in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?  Somewhere that could be overrun since Hawaii is not really “inside” the belly of our borders?  This would be easy pickin’s wouldn’t it?  I don’t know about you but I normally put valuables in my front pocket when in cities or highly trafficked areas to avoid a “sneak attack” and so that IF someone were to get their hand in my pocket I’d at least get a shot at knocking the snot out of them…in other words back pockets (or pinned to your ear like Hawaii is to our mainland) are just too risky.

Looking from another angle, if we really had 170,000 tons (instead of “supposedly” 8,133 tons) wouldn’t we have mobilized it already?  Wouldn’t we have been “feeding it out” and the price of gold still is something like $300 per ounce…or less, and the dollar would be, well…still a dollar?  Would we have had to close the gold window back in 1971?  Or could that gold have lasted until now and maybe even for a few more years?  Wouldn’t it have been re hypothecated like all the rest of the gold?  Maybe only 5 times over rather than 100…but still re hypothecated?  I don’t get it; this can only be a fairy tale from my standpoint because there is no evidence at all of “secret storage” in Hawaii.

That said, I do fully believe that a hoard(s) of valuables called “Yamashita’s gold” did and probably to some extent does still exist.  A little history, Japan invaded and plundered wealth from many Asian countries prior to and early into WWII, this is known.  They also were known to have plundered wealth many years prior to WWII and were a feared foe all across Asia, if you don’t believe me then dig into some history books, this is not speculation.  A great book by the way on this topic is “Gold Warriors” by Sterling and Peggy Seagraves, I read this a few years back and thought that it was well done, intensely researched and not just opinion or conspiracy theory.

In any case, Japan had every reason in the world to “move their loot” toward the end of the war and much of it purportedly landed in the Philippines.  Was this the source to Marcos’ wealth?  Maybe.  Did the U.S. ultimately end up with much of this gold?  Probably.  Is there still some in the Philippines that has not yet been recovered?  Most likely there is.  My point is this, whatever the “haul” was has already been used up.  Over the years it has hit the market and either been hoarded, turned into jewelry or “used” as in electronics…or stolen by politicians.  Could another “cave” or caves be found?  Of course they could but 170,000 tons is laughable beyond magic mushrooms!

So let’s “hallucinate” just a little and assume that instead of the 170,000 estimated tons of above ground gold there is actually another 170 to make 340,000 tons of “stock.”  This still does not change the fact that “flow” currently is about 2,700 tons coming out of the ground while 5,000 tons are being spoken for each year.  Demand is dwarfing supply and the price will reflect this reality by moving higher, much higher to ration demand.  This is the way Mother Nature works and she doesn’t give a “rat’s behind” about rumors, legends or myths.  Her will may be altered by the “fake supply”  afforded by paper contracts but she will sort it all out in the end.  Gold is gold and paper is paper, there is only so much real gold dug up and out of the ground each year while a literal infinite supply of paper is created that will ultimately chase this metal.

“Good money will drive out bad money” is the saying…it is also the rule!  People, because Mother Nature tells them to (innately) will always “spend” the money that they think is “bad” or will depreciate.  They will conversely not spend and in fact will “hide” (save) their “good” money.  This is just the way it is, I didn’t make the rules I’m just telling you what they are!  Maybe there really is 170,000 tons of gold that the U.S. is saving for a “rainy day” and our leaders knew to only spend dollars and not the gold?  Naw, not a chance!  Washington DC is (and has been for many years) a 3 ring circus with nothing but clown acts 24/7!  Besides, if that gold really did exist at one point …it would already have been pilfered and stolen in the process of purchasing votes as part of our “standard of living.”

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53 Responses to “Yamashita’s Gold?”

  1. Harold says:

    Karen Hudes bothers me. She starts out plausibly enough, but then suddenly veers off into left field, with something extremely implausible like the gold story, which anyone who knows anything about gold knows to be EXTREMELY unlikely. In addition, there is a lack of physical proof, or evidence for her claims. I wish the alternative media would vet such claims more carefully, because on balance, they hurt the credibility of legitimate claims. In fact, the people she is trying to expose probably love her because she undermines the credibility of those who oppose them and have real claims and can prove what they’re saying.

  2. blaze compton says:

    she is exceedingly credible in my opinion

    • Bill Holter Bill Holter says:

      that’s what makes horse races! I personally would not bet on a horse that believes there is 170,000 tons of gold sitting in Hawaii, but that’s just me and my opinion.

  3. Herman Parmo says:

    The number is actually not that laughable in my opinion. According to the Gold Standard Institutes estimation the amount of gold that exists could be up to 2.5 million metric tonnes.


    Another reason I don,t think the number is that incredible is because I personally know someone who has been working with a member of the Marcos family. The amount of bank accounts they have is ridiculously mind boggling (but off course all the assets are “frozen” by the banking establishment). The biggest one I know about is a 60 000 metric tonne vault in Chase Manhattan.

    I doubt that any of the estimates of how much gold exists are correct, but one thing I know is that the 170 000 figure is way off.

    • Bill Holter Bill Holter says:

      2.5 MILLION metric tons? ??????? you live in Colorado and smoke the newly legalized “left handers” huh? Sorry, gotta go, I plan to offer Skittles to my Unicorn as a treat this afternoon because I think he’s starting to grow some wings!

      • Herman Parmo says:

        I am not saying that estimation is correct it probably isnt, but do you believe in the 6000 years we know humans have been hoarding gold that only 10000 metric tonnes existed before the gold rush in 1850? Cause that is the assumption the 170 000 figure is based on. I know Technology has gotten better, but there is also the Law of diminishing Returns which very much applies to gold because there is a finite amount.

        • Bill Holter Bill Holter says:

          so let’s say that prior to 1848 the number is off by a factor of 4, then total is 200,000 tons. I highly doubt there is more total than this number. And yes I understamd in early days you could just pick gold up off the ground at placer deposits.

  4. Karen Hudes says:

    Please see the documentation supporting Wolfgang Struck, authorized signatory on the Global Collateral Account https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/twitter3.3.14.docx

    Please see the accurate power transition model giving us 90-95% likelihood of a soft landing when we kick out the banking cartel. http://philosophyofmetrics.com/2014/02/18/sdrs-and-the-new-bretton-woods-part-six/comment-page-1/#comment-584

    • Bill Holter Bill Holter says:

      …and the 170,000 metric tons is where exactly? In Hawaii? The Philippines? On the moon? It came from where exactly? So the estimates of global gold mined prior to 1848 are off by AT least 17 fold? The last “certificate” says that “$3 trillion uncut dollars” is backed by 5,000 metric tons, I can believe that Yamashita’s gold or part of it was found and that it was 5,000 metric tons, this is plausible. If you do the math on this 5,000 tons in 1982 at $400 per ounce at the time you come up with a number of $64 billion which is about 1/50th of $3 trillion. Conversely you would need a gold price of $20,000 per ounce for this 5,000 tons to be valued at $3 trillion. Where or how does the figure “$3 trillion” come from other than on the certificate? If this “Wanta stuff” is real, how did they mathematically come up with this number valuing gold at 50 times its current value at the time? If you are saying that 5,000 metric tons is hidden away somewhere I would say that this is plausible…if you are saying that 170,000 tons is hidden away then I would say that in my opinion you are smoking something far stronger than crack.
      As for your “kumbayah” soft landing scenario with a “90-95% probability” of occurring…I can only laugh. The “sheep” of the world are only there to be sheared and or slaughtered by the elites, they will not be coddled and “live happily ever after”. Do you really believe that the banking cartel will just roll over and say “sorry” and then hand the controls over?
      I personally hope that you are correct and that I am wrong and a fool. “Hope” as you know is the vestige of fools.

  5. Elaisa Elaisa says:

    Mr. Holter, you have keen common sense. Trust it.

    Key phrases to search for in the first document are:
    “Goldman Sachs” “formally authenticated”
    “many thousands of trillions” of US Dollars of what?
    Gold backed bonds.


    In doc below see “2,420,937,400″ kg of gold


    Key Takeaway: The people Keenan represents have compelling documentation.

    Document below key takeaway – the accused individuals are hiding so they can not be served.


    • Bill Holter Bill Holter says:

      I am sure that there is all sort of “documentation”…but does the gold exist? I highly doubt that any more than 200,000 metric tons total exist. This assumes 40,000 mt prior to 1848 and 160,000 mt since. I see no evidence of any huge mining operations from before 1848, the Mayans and Inca’s included. Yes they recovered gold but at a very slow pace. Your “documentation” …to have “value” must have the actual gold stored somewhere. WHERE IS IT?

  6. Elaisa Elaisa says:

    We were there; we dug up gold. 60,000 MT
    Affidavit signed by 96 of more than 115 original diggers.


    A retired co-pilot knows where half of it is today.

    • Bill Holter Bill Holter says:

      OK, you win. It must be true because it’s on the internet. Why didn’t I think of that? Over and out!

  7. Elaisa Elaisa says:

    Civil Case No. 3957-P in July 14, 1964. Alongside, the return of the 617,000 metric tons of gold to a Filipino Royal Family.

    The True Stoty of the Tallano (TALA) Estate A complainant filed a civil case in Branch 111, Regional Trial Court, Pasay City and was docketed as Land Registration Court (LRC)/Civil Case No. 997-P. Through a motion by the Solicitor General of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines , the case was consolidated into LRC/Civil Case No. 3957-P in July 14, 1964 . Alongside, the return of the 617,000 metric tons of gold to a Filipino Royal Family. Several prominent landholders, businessmen and the deposed dictator ex-President Ferdinand E. Marcos were implicated. As the litigation progressed, different numbers of Original Certificate of Title (OCT) were presented.

    In 1968, the Senate and the National Bureau of Investigation each conducted a separate investigation to determine which are valid. But the court declared only one mother title, two Transfer of Certificate of Titles and its owner as authentic. Consequently, leaving the other titles as null and void, no probative value and non-bankable. In February 4, 1972 , the presiding Judge Enrique Agana handed down the Decision with Compromise Agreement in consideration of sound judicial system and the Tagean-Tallano Clan. When Martial Law was imposed in September 21, 1972 , rapid reversal of the court decision occurred. A state of affair encapsulated in a documentary that sheds light on the proliferation of fake titles in the Philippines until now.

    http://www.creativeimage.jp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15o4sW




    It is not possible to continue to hide the secret gold

    You may think this is an irrelevant tangential topic, but in the near future this could become a widespread issue. The bottom line is: As technology advances, it becomes very difficult to hide the secret gold.

    A modern SmartPhone (Android or IOS) has 99% of the components needed (CPU, Memory, Battery, Display, and Audio I/O port) for an operational hand-held 200 gram gravity meter sensitive enough to detect hundreds of tons of refined gold buried tens of meters underground. Experimental evidence (See Source 1) suggests that gravitational field strength information exists within the noise level signal of a typical electrolytic capacitor. Modern signal processing techniques (within the CPU and Memory capacity of a modern SmartPhone) can ferret out the gravity signal from other (EMI & Thermal) noise.

    Using an internal AGPS receiver, the enhanced gravity signal intensity can be adjusted for known variances (Sun, Moon, & Milky Way) then integrated over space and time to derive quantity (in Metric Tons (Source 2 page 66)) of differentially denser mass (gold) buried in relatively less dense surrounding earth.

    The Operational Amplifier which costs USD $3, and the Electrolytic Capacitor which cost $6 are easily packaged in a format that can be plugged into a standard SmartPhone Audio jack. This plug-in module can be manufactured and sold profitably for under $30.

    If millions of people became aware of the locations of massive stores of gold and had access to low cost equipment that provided irrefutable physical evidence these quantities of gold exist in these locations, I do not think these millions of people would be content to continue to use debt as money.

    Throughout history the use of paper as money has always eventually failed. This time is no different.

    Source 1:

    Source 2:

    Source 3:

    Interesting places to look:

    Under East Avenue, in front of BSP, The Central Bank of the Philippines

    Under the swimming pool of the Philippine Plaza hotel

    177 sites identified by Bob Curtis referenced in Seagrave Gold Warriors and hundreds of smaller undocumented sites.

  8. Elaisa Elaisa says:

    Also, note this Delivery Receipt and Re-Confirmed SKR for 381,136,675 MT AU.


  9. Elaisa Elaisa says:

    That’s 381,136.675 MT AU.

    • Bill Holter Bill Holter says:

      STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Show me the gold????!!! I have a local print shop that will print anything I’d like printed including as many $10 quintillion certificates that say I have gold…it doesn’t mean that I have it. You are either right or wrong…if the gold is really there then “Kumbayah” and we live happily ever after. I get your point, I will not post any more of posts until you can prove that this gold exists. Goodbye.

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