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Gold and Silver expert and Marketing Director at Miles Franklin Andy Hoffman, goes head to head with Herschel36 in a pre recorded interview recorded, exerts of the interview to be played live on Truth is Stranger Than Fiction on the costa del sol in Spain, to over 1.2 millions listeners. Andy explains why the price of precious metals has been artificially low for years and why it is about to boom and what we can expect when it does – this is a must listen to interview people! We are heading towards hyper inflation and Andy Hoffman explains why this is the case and why the coming global economic collapse is undeniable and cannot be stopped. As we know people, hope for the best and prepare for the worst, we are in times that we have never experienced before and 99% of the worlds population are completely asleep to what is about to take place. There will be no hiding this time when the world finally starts to fall to pieces.