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It’s hard to believe, but Miles Franklin’s storage program with Brink’s in Montreal is almost five years old!  I remember my first trip there in, in December 2011, like it was yesterday.  Yet, much time has passed – and all in all, the program has been wildly successful.

Dozens of clients, from multiple countries, have flocked to the program, making Miles Franklin one of Brinks’ Canada’s fast growing customers.  Including, of course, myself; and Miles Franklin’s founders, owners, and Chief Executives – Andy and David Schectman as well as Joel Kravitz.

As one of the world’s most paranoid people – particularly regarding the security of my personal “stash” – the most important aspect of any storage program is that I know my metal is not only there, but allocated and in safe hands.  From a security standpoint, of course that’s the case, as Brink’s is one of the world’s oldest, most respected security companies.  However, what “sealed the deal” for me personally were the facts that…

1) Miles Franklin’s own officers – including Andy Schectman and Joel Kravitz – personally accompany our third party Auditor, Inspectorate, on bi-annual audits.  In fact, I personally attended one myself a few years back – and saw my 100% segregated metal counted, piece by piece.

2) Being in Canada, it is close enough that American can drive up and either see their metal, or re-acquire it.

3) Unlike nearly all other Precious Metal storage programs, we charge not by percentage of bullion value (i.e., if gold prices double, your storage fee doubles), but by the ounce – through at least 2017.

To that end, all such topics were addressed in this article written in October 2014; and this audio interview with Andy Schectman, in which he discussed “everything you could possibly want to know” about Brink’s storage.

That said, we recently decided it was time to expand our industry-leading Canadian storage program; principally, due to client demand for a storage site on the West coast.  Which is why, we are proud to announce, we can now offer storage at Brink’s Vancouver.  At which, the prices, policies, and procedures are identical to Montreal.  Moreover, if you are interested in moving some or all of your Montreal-held metal to Vancouver, we can assist you in doing so expediently, safely, and cost-effectively.

As always, Miles Franklin emphasizes that the most favorable storage strategy is at home – or somewhere that only “need to know” individuals are aware of, guarded with safes, guns, dogs, and alarms.  However, for those that storage makes sense for – such as renters; expatriates; those expecting to frequently move; “high profile owners”; or simply, those with too much metal to safely and confidently store; we believe our Brink’s programs in Montreal and Vancouver are the industry’s best.

If you are interested in learning more, please call Miles Franklin at 877-685-4705.  Or alternatively, you can email me personally at [email protected].