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A newly discovered “secret memo” from 1974 discusses how important the U.S. government considered gold suppression then; and as we are learning now, such importance has never been more obvious – as we approach the end of the global fiat Ponzi scheme that commenced with the 1971 abandonment of the gold standard.

Since the Fall of 2011, when Global Meltdown II commenced with the U.S. being stripped of its triple-A credit rating, we have witnessed a level of Paper PM suppression putting the prior decade’s shenanigans to shame.  Amidst an unending, rapidly expanding series of PM-bullish events – involving cratering economies, surging political and social unrest, and exploding debt, inflation, and money printing, TPTB have managed to push “dollar priced gold” and silver prices down by the incredible amounts of 33% and 53%, respectively…

Spot Gold 2011

…or in silver’s case, closer to 60% if you go back to the May 2011 “Sunday night paper silver massacre.”

Spot Silver 2011

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words; which is why I have compiled the below, stunning table – depicting the major global political and economic events that have occurred since late 2011; and with them, the supposed “free market response” of gold and silver prices.  No matter how much fraud you think you’ve seen it’s not until you see this table that it can truly be comprehended.

Part 1 of Graph

Part 2 of Graph

Part 3 of Graph

Once again, the reason I publish such monstrosities are to empower you to realize the conditions for Precious Metal appreciation – and currency collapse – have never been more acute in global history.  TPTB are desperate to prevent you from protecting your wealth with real money; and likely, behind the scenes are acquiring as much for themselves as possible.  Historically speaking, “he who owns the gold ultimately makes the rules”; and in the 21st Century, it will be China and Russia that own the gold; not the “traditional Western powers.”  Hopefully, you, too will own some as well – before it’s too late.