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Despite an all-out “perception blitzkrieg” – utilizing every manner of MONEY PRINTING, MARKET MANIPULATION, and PROPAGANDA – the legion of TRUTH SEEKERS is growing; and rapidly, at that.  As the political, economic, and social fallout of the collapsing fiat currency regime expands, our “army” will grow exponentially.  And thanks to the internet, we will NOT be stopped.

That said, such macrocosm differs starkly from the microcosm of our daily lives; – particularly regarding relations with those closest to us; our “FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND COLLEAGUES.”

NO ONE has as much experience with being professionally shunned as I; and thus, have learned to “modify” my behavior – recognizing the old saw of “no one so deaf as those who refuse to hear.”  However, while the average person has little interest in platitudes about the “falling dollar,” they do recognize tangible proof of a decrepit financial system.

That is, while few dare consider JP Morgan’s CRIMINALITY, all are aware that “Chase” savings accounts – on average – yield 0.07%; while checking accounts yield 0.05%, and “high-yielding” money markets 0.11%…

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Moreover, anyone outside “the 1%” is aware of the surging cost of living; and if confronted with the below charts, would undoubtedly choose correctly.  That is, John Williams REAL inflation indicator (blue), versus the government-reported CPI (red)…

They may not understand “monetary inflation”; but are certainly aware of the rising costs of food



…and education; all of which – WHAT A SHOCK – gibe with John Williams’ calculation that price inflation has averaged nearly 10% for decades

Most of us know full well that convincing people of the “obtuse” concepts we champion is often impossible; as hope, denial, and –above all – propaganda are tough nuts to crack.  Moreover, when it comes to “FRIENDS, FAMILY AND COLLEAGUES,” the desire to maintain the peace by avoiding controversial topics is powerful indeed.

However, that doesn’t excuse us from trying to PROTECT our loved ones from what’s coming; and if bringing the conversation to the basest level of understanding does the trick – so be it.  I will continue to use my “bully pulpit” to espouse TRUTH in the financial sense, but we can all help the cause by doing so in the REAL WORLD.


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