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There is NEVER a shortage of topics to discuss as the END GAME of the GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM approaches.  For a brief moment I didn’t have one lined up, but when I reviewed yesterday’s fabulous Chris Martenson article about gold manipulation, my “writer’s block” quickly dissipated.

Chris Martenson Explains How Gold Is Manipulated… And Why That’s Okay

The title of the article is what raised my dander – although it’s a bit misleading, as at no point does he actually state gold manipulation is acceptable.  The closest comment I found was the following, indicating that such suppression only strengthened his convictions in gold’s long term path – a far cry from being “Okay” with it.

Instead of being annoyed by the gold price suppression scheme, I take comfort in the idea that suppression gives us a clear indication that our investment thesis is shared by somebody with bottomless pockets — and I like paying lower prices.

That said, the reason the title bothered me is thus:  GOLD MANIPULATION HAS DESTROYED THE WORLD.  Thus, when I saw the following headline from StockMarketWatch.com, my head started spinning:

Why We Love Gold and Silver Manipulation

Precious metal manipulation has made mining companies undervalued, the physical metal undervalued, and has given us more time to exchange our fiat trash for real money.

No offense to the writer – who means well– but the concept that the Cartel helps you PROTECT YOURSELF is fallacious.  I don’t care what one’s business is – banker or baker, real estate broker or mining promoter – GOLD MANIPULATION destroys lives.

Because of it, a handful of “elites” have diluted generations of savings, caused gross mal-investments, and enabled vicious sociopaths to commandeer governments.  Each day it continues, gross distortions of the world’s economic, political, and social structure worsen, making the ultimate financial ARMAGEDDON that much worse.  Not only that, it is quite hard to buy more metal and mining stocks when debt, inflation, and unemployment is rising – and for those holding mining stocks, you have probably lost most or all of your “protection money” by now.

Countless MILLIONS have died over the years due to these distortions, such as more than a million people in Vietnam, a million more in Iraq, and possibly millions more once the “INEVITABLE IRANIAN WAR” commences.  And don’t forget the thousands of starving Africans, care of poverty caused by artificially suppressed gold prices, or the hyperinflations that result (think Zimbabwe).  And don’t forget about the thousands of mining companies as well, whom have lost billions of shareholder capital (YOURS) and likely will lose billions more care of the capital crunch the Cartel has created.

From a personal standpoint, it is a near miracle I have emerged from a decade of gold manipulation with my sanity, personal relationships, and nest egg – much less a secure job as I have found at Miles Franklin.  The Cartel has spent years attempting to destroy what I create, be it junior mining stocks, the balance sheets of companies I worked for, and at times a happy home.  They also have turned countless “naysayers” against me, and to this day cause great stress when their machinations force me to bite my tongue, WRITE for countless hours (in my role as “goldbug babysitter”), and endure business slowdowns.

Now that I have switched my portfolio from 100% mining stocks to 100% PHYSICAL gold and silver, I no longer fear the Cartel, and I sleep better than at any time in my life.  However, essentially EVERYONE reading this blog is affected by their attacks, and at some point we’d like to move on to the next stage.  I am quite sure it will be far worse than what we are living through today – even when gold prices rise hyperbolically – but at some point the DESTRUCTION being wrought on the world needs to end.

And I say that time is NOW!