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Please listen to the King World News interview with Jim Sinclair.  Click on the purple “Listen To MP3 Click Here” box on the left hand side of the page at the King World News site:

KingWorldNews Jim Sinclair Interview 2/14/12

I believe he sees the issues more clearly than anyone you will hear discuss the topics.  His credentials are legendary and his track record is virtually perfect.

Sinclair was given the title “Mr. Gold,” in the last bull market in the 70s.  He called the beginning of the bull market in the early 70s and called the top literally to the day in early 1980 and then left the gold market for 20 years, only returning in 2001.

His father was the legendary Bert Seligman, who was a legend on Wall Street after WW2.   Jim Sinclair grew up working with Seligman and inherited and learned his gift, his understanding of the markets.
*Breaking Interview* Central Banks Trying To Keep Gold From Rising Violently (jsmineset.com)
February 14, 2012, at 11:33 pm
Dear Friends,  
Click here to listen to the interview…
Tonight’s interview with Erik King of www.KingWorldNews.com is the summation of the last three special emails and the introduction of the ISDA to you.
I feel it is the most important offering that I have made in the past 9 years of our relationship. The future is not going to be easy, but with foreknowledge we can all survive and even prosper. This message is extremely important so if you have a moment please consider listening to the interview and then review the last three emails.
Bill Holter and I see eye-to-eye on Jim Sinclair’s analysis.  Sinclair does have it nailed.  Simply put, gold is the lifeboat that will ferry you across the rough waters we are about to encounter.  Gold will allow you to pass through the coming inflationary storm with your wealth intact!  All fiat currencies, all of them, (Sinclair calls them casino chips with different flags on the front) will lose a great deal of their purchasing power.  Gold will not!  Once the new gold-backed (but not redeemable) new currency replaces the dollar, the price of gold will stabilize at that level.  Now what will you do, with your hoard of gold?  Probably sell some for a very large pile of the new currency and buy a bunch of cheap, undervalued blue chip stocks, in companies that will be around come Hell or high water, like Coca Cola, Apple, Microsoft, etc.

I was discussing this with a friend and gave him the following example – gold rises from $1,700 to $5,000 and most of the blue chip stocks fall by 75% as the economy plunges into a hyperinflationary depression.  When things stabilize with the issuance of the new currency, you can buy up a great deal of solid, underpriced stocks with your gold backed buying power.  Your gold tripled and the stocks fell by 75% so you will be ahead 12-fold!  It could be more.

And that’s why I urge all of you to buy gold (and silver) now.  This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to increase your net worth many fold while most of the people you love and know will be headed in the opposite direction, unless they finally decided to listen to you.  Don’t hold your breath.

Gold Heading Back Towards A Monetary System, Not Away 

Please click on the above link to read Jim Sinclair’s latest missive. (Or you can read it in the Jim Sinclair section, below) I agree entirely, the current system is untenable and the Dollar as a reserve currency must and will be replaced.  Last night, Europe endured another downgrade of debt ratings, which included Britain being placed on “credit watch negative”.  No matter how many “distractions” and magician’s sleight of hand are used; it is only a matter of time until the U.S. enters the crosshairs.  The U.S. is no different than Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal et al; the financial debt ratios are not sustainable and “default” in one form or another are mathematically guaranteed.  The day of reckoning can and has already been prolonged, NOT cancelled!

Truth be known, the financial ratios inside the U.S. are already past levels where 30-40 years ago would have been unacceptable and would have led to a panic and the credit spigots being shut off (The Fed out of necessity has already stepped in to monetize).  This has been the game for nearly 2 years; point the “deadbeat finger” elsewhere so investors don’t zero in on Uncle Sam.  It has worked; it has worked very, very well.  However, it cannot work forever.  Nor can it work once we get a real default, which is why the Fed, Banks of England and Japan (who did a $135 Billion QE job last night) and the ECB will continue to paper over anything and everything while growing their balance sheets laden with rotten debt carcasses to INFINITY.

I now smell another raid coming in the precious metals arena.  Please keep in mind exactly “why” you own them and “what” will be left standing as central banks destroy their own currencies.  Another round of “intestinal fortitude” will be necessary if I am correct.  Stand tall, sell nothing and buy whatever you can with whatever cash you may have.  The endgame is mathematically assured; the only thing not carved in stone is the “timing”.  Don’t let “spin” nor the management of your perceptions sway you; you have made it this far, which was the hardest part.  If I had to guess, the new currency system will be announced in the middle of or latter part of another bear raid.  In other words, the banking holiday that I expect will probably come just as the public is puking up their positions; we wouldn’t want too many in the “lifeboats” now would we?