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Let’s face it.  Even the world’s greatest authors get “writer’s block” from time to time.  Whether I’m “great” or not is debatable, but I’m certainly amongst the financial world’s most prolific – having not missed a day of writing in at least two years.  Between podcasts and articles, I have posted roughly 300 entries to the Miles Franklin Blog this year alone; and well over 1,000 entries in the four years since I joined the firm – each of which, possessing the same combination of “blood, sweat, and tears.”

Going back to the early 2000s, when my articles were posted on the GATA website by Bill Murphy, I’d guess that no less than 1,500 of my “entries” have been uploaded to the internet; as always, free of charge.  To that end, until joining Miles Franklin in October 2011, I was never paid a cent to write about Precious Metals, financial markets, and the global economy; and that includes my nine months at Torrey Hills Capital – when I was paid to consult with junior mining companies, but chose to write on their “Baby Bulls” website for my own edification.

Why do I so passionately – and relentlessly – write about such topics?  Well, aside from furthering my career – and venting my frustrations – my desire to empower others with TRUTH is as powerful a motivator as any other.  To that end, I cannot thank Richard Russell, Jim Sinclair, and Bill Murphy; who, when I was new to this sector in the early 2000s, empowered me with the truth about gold and silver, market manipulation, and long-term trends.  And whilst all three still write today – 13½ years after I went “all-in” to Precious Metals – I am honored to have been, at least partially, “passed the torch” of empowerment, with no better platform to spread it than the Miles Franklin Blog.

However, as noted above, I am by no means a robot.  And thus, amidst a week when the “bots” have taken over financial markets, my mind is begging for a break.  After all, how many times can one speak of “2:15 AM” EST and 8:20 AM EST COMEX-opening Precious Metal paper raids – on days when not a shred of “gold negative” news abounds?  Whilst simultaneously, the “President’s Working Group on Financial Markets” gooses stocks – amidst collapsing retail participation, economic data, equity “breadth,” and the parasites known as “activist shareholders?”  And of course, the newly formed “oil PPT” pathetically attempts to save the un-savable commodity complex?


To that end, how often can one write of how – objectively speaking – Central banks have destroyed the global economy for generations to come, via a fiat currency regime that has failed every time it has ever been tried.  And never more so than today – when not only is the entire world untethered to monetary collateral for the first time in history, but satanic “financial engineering” has leveraged this “economic TNT” from fission to fusion?

Amidst such widespread economic destruction, the age-old, unwavering result of oppressive, draconian governments has been fostered – on a worldwide basis.  And nowhere more alarmingly than so-called “first world” nations and trading blocs – where even “too big to fail” banks are insolvent; the Middle Class is disappearing; and economically destructive socialism is rapidly becoming the dominant political model.  Regarding the latter, by the way – just hours after publishing yesterday’s “Obamacare, the bullet to the head of the 2016 economy,” I came across this terrifying article – of how the massive health insurance premium increases I and millions of other families are experiencing today are just “jacks for starters.”

Meanwhile, overtly Communist nations like China and Russia – which briefly dabbled in “capitalism” when the history’s largest, most global money printing scheme activated their leaders’ respective “greed genes” – are going right back into their isolationist shells, portending an acceleration of the unprecedented economic carnage that has been gaining “strength” with each passing day since history’s largest fiat Ponzi scheme broke in 2008.  Even if, LOL, they pretend “all’s well.”  Believe me, it’s no coincidence that geopolitical tensions with China and Russia are escalating; as desperate times call for desperate measures, causing desperate governments to execute desperate strategies to maintain power.  And all along, the propaganda utilized to foster such strategies heightens, polarizing billions of observers worldwide.

Or that “revenge of the people” movements are exploding – as in Greece; Brazil; Catalonia, Spain; Scotland; Switzerland; and the UK, to name a few – as disenchanted citizens desperately seek to recoup not only their financial prospects, but the freedoms draconian governments are stealing from them at an alarming rate.

Or that, no matter what lies and propaganda the powers that be spew regarding economic “recovery”; QE “tapering”; or LOL, “imminent rate hikes,” the trend is inexorably down – for commodities, currencies, and global trade.  And particularly here, in the supposed “epicenter” of economic recovery; where geez, mere days after the horrific 1.5% third quarter GDP print was posted (with “healthcare” being the economy’s strongest sector), the Fed has dramatically reduced its fourth quarter GDP estimates.  Which is why it’s so unfathomable why anyone still believes the Fed will raise interest rates, no matter how much “cushion” they think they have following October’s historic, unfathomably unsubstantiated stock goosing.  To that end, if they are stupid enough to shoot themselves – and the global economy, and monetary system – in the head with such an arrogant, suicidal move, it will only accelerate the demise of the rapidly waning “control” they have over collapsing global financial markets and economies.

 Atlanta Fed Q4 GDP Forecast Tumbles From 2.5% To 1.9%

Last but not least, there’s the suppression of gold and silver prices that has gone parabolic since “dollar-priced gold” and silver peaked in 2011, prompting Central banks to go “all-in” with a manipulation scheme unparalleled in history – for Precious Metals, stocks, bonds, and essentially all financial markets.  Consequently, as the historically “deformed” financial system and economy has collapsed further (no better described than here and here), physical gold and silver demand has surged to record levels; whilst above-ground inventories have imploded; and the mining industry taken to the brink of collapse (just wait until the year-end write-offs and mine closures, if prices don’t significantly rise by then).

Which is why, with each passing day, the timeline for the “end game” of reality’s inevitable victory moves closer and closer.  And why, holding the only assets historically proven to protect one’s net worth against such hostile economic and monetary forces, I enjoy the “sleep of the just” each night.

Sorry if I was a bit disjointed this morning.  However, given how “speechless” I’ve felt since last week’s vile post-FOMC Cartel raids, I think I did a pretty good job!