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In Thursday’s RANT, I wrote the following:

…how many freaking times must I write that gold is ONLY allowed to meaningfully rise between 8:20 AM EST (the PAPER COMEX open) and 10:00 AM EST (the PHYSICAL PM Fix) – in 99% of all cases by less than 1.0% – before it sinks, that this market is SUPPRESSED.

What I was referring to – of course – was the Cartel’s penchant for controlling gold’s rise, just as it plots and executes specific strategies for gold attacks.  They are well aware of the below chart – demonstrating gold’s tendency to rise throughout the Asian hours – and thus, plot most PAPER attacks between the open of the London “pre-market” session at 2:15 AM EST and the COMEX “cap of last resort” at 12:00 PM EST.

As you can see, the 3:00 AM EST WATERFALL DECLINES target a weak AM fix, while the 10:00 EST attacks target a weak PM fix.  At 12:00 PM EST, no specific event is targeted, other than the close of COMEX trading at 1:30 PM EST, which as you can see, is where prices stabilize for the day.

Today’s title, “THE CARTEL HERALD,” refers to the flag pattern utilized to dampen – or often, SMASH – gold’s periodic surges, the polar opposite of their “attack strategies,” i.e., pulling bids and heaping on naked shorts.

The “HERALDIC FLAG” has for centuries been utilized to announce a family, military, or nation…

…just as the Cartel uses the below cap and attack pattern to “announce” its presence.

The chart above – courtesy of the great Dmitri Speck – says it all, agglomerating 12 years of silver market data.  Below, I have taken a random sample of the gold market, encompassing each trading day of 2012.  My goal is to demonstrate how the aforementioned anomalies are in fact Cartel footprints, long-utilized strategies that best suit their purpose of CONTROLLING gold’s rise and DAMPENING budding excitement when it periodically appears.

First, I listed the time gold peaked each day – in military time – and then, separated the data into days that gold rose, and days it fell.

During the first four months of 2012, gold is cumulatively up 5%.  Of the 77 trading days, it has risen on 41 days and fallen on 36, with the average time of day that gold peaked being 8:58 AM EST, or 28 minutes into the COMEX trading session.  Truly amazing how gold peaks each day immediately after the world’s largest PAPER market commences trading, huh?

More telling is the peak times during “up days” versus “down days.”

On the 41 up days, gold’s average peak time was 10:21 AM; what a coincidence, directly after the PM FIX, and with it, all PHYSICAL trading for the trading day.

Conversely, the average peak time on down days was much earlier, at 7:27 AM EST, coinciding with commencement of New York “pre-market” trading, when I am typically at the gym watching gold get attacked on the CNBC scroll.

Granted, the 7:27 AM figure is an average, but irrespective, nearly all peaks come early in the trading day.  Corroborating Dmitri Speck’s data, nine of this year’s 36 down days saw a peak at EXACTLY 3:00 AM, plus an additional three within the London “pre-market” PAPER trading hours of 2:15 AM – 4:00 AM EST.

Of the remaining 24 down days, an astonishing twelve experienced peak gold pricing within a half hour of the PM Fix at 10:00 AM EST, and another four within a half hour of 12:00 PM EST, the “cap of last resort.”  That leaves just eight of the 36 down days NOT experiencing peak pricing at the Cartel’s three KEY ATTACK TIMES of 3:00 AM EST, 10:00 AM EST, and 12:00 PM EST.  Lo and behold, Dmitri Speck’s silver data from 1998-2010 is SPOT ON with gold’s experience in 2012.

Notably, 30 of this year’s 77 trading days can be characterized as “Coat of Arms Days,” in which the familiar Cartel herald appeared – that is a whopping 39% of the time.  This is their primary tool for preventing “froth,” and are particularly utilized at the aforementioned KEY ATTACK TIMES, especially when gold is nearing a KEY ROUND NUMBER, and essentially always  when approaching a 1% daily gain.

For your viewing pleasure – for lack of a better word – below are eight examples of the “CARTEL HERALD,” starting with a ‘double-shot’ when gold attempted to sharply rise twice in one day…

…a “cap and attack” at the PM Fix at EXACTLY 10:00 AM EST…

…a capping algorithm to contain a rare New York “pre-market” rally – the second the COMEX opened…

…another “cap and attack” at EXACTLY 10:00 AM EST, followed up with two additional WATERFALL DECLINES to finish the job…

…the “standard” scheme to prevent a big COMEX up day…

…a desperate attempt to prevent “Cartel Taboo #1” – the upside key reversal – after a standard PAPER attack at the COMEX open miserably FAILED…

…the typical “contain” algorithm at EXACTLY 12:00 PM EST – i.e. the “cap of last resort”…

…replicated perfectly when gold came within a few dollars of the most KEY TECHNICAL LEVEL of all – its 200 DMA…

Before I conclude, consider the PPT’s “heraldic flag” displays the “DEAD RINGER” algorithm, utilized yet again today, per the below chart.  Ironically, its “coat of arms” is the polar opposite of the Cartel’s, in that the “DOW JONES PROPAGANDA AVERAGEbottoms early each day, typically within the first 45 minutes of NYSE trading to allow it to build momentum into the close.

Remember, the Cartel’s Modus Operandi is NOT to hold gold down, but prevent it from rising sharply.  They KNOW the PM bull cannot be stopped, so it has determined the most effective way of controlling the rise, keeping it away from the hot spotlight of public attention – and potential MANIA.

Dmitri Speck’s historical analysis is invaluable for the same reason as my RANTS, enabling readers to separate the long-term fundamentals from the short-term, rigged trading patterns.

Each person that understands what we are up against – and where we are ultimately going – contributes to the inevitable demise of those seeking to destroy the world with MONEY PRINTING, MARKET MANIPULATION, and PROPAGANDA.