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I love a provocative title, and this one takes the cake.

Given my RANTS of the past five years, I’m sure you’re guessing Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, or even Berkshire Hathaway.  While the first two are today’s most evil companies, and the third run by the singularly most evil executive, all three are off the mark.  For the purpose of this missive, I am speaking of the most evil company of all time, a title Goldman and JP Morgan have yet to earn, but are closing in on.

In the spirit of my past week’s tirades against the original military/financial imperialists – the U.K. – I found an article perfectly describing its sociopathic destruction of global cultures in the name of looting riches.  However, before I get to that article, let me share a passage from the amazing book I am currently reading – Gai-Jin – about British imperialism in China and Japan mid-19th Century, per below:

“If you supply natives with cannon you’ll threaten the Royal Navy, helping to sink your own ships, murder your own countrymen, and yourselves to boot!”

“If you take the example of India or any of the other colonies…”

“My whole point, Mr. Struan!”  the Admiral slammed at him.  “Without natives having our armaments the Mutiny would never have happened, revolts everywhere would be more quickly contained, savages all over the world could be more easily and properly educated, useful trade would be conducted in peace, and world order would flourish in the benevolence of Pax Brittanica.”

In my 41 years, only two nations – the U.S. and U.K. – have brainwashed such arrogant, destructive PROPAGANDA of secular superiority, described beautifully in the above passage.  In reality, the only real advantage these parasitic nations have had was military dominance, and it’s no surprise their heritages are so intricately entwined, even utilizing the same language.

Out of such orchestrated chaos, evil corporations developed, expertly trained in the art of exploitation.  British dominance, from roughly 1600-1900, was achieved via direct military intervention, while American hegemony was achieved from the threat of intervention.  In the current world, American corporations rely on their bought-and-paid government to threaten any region it chooses to financially conquer , while in the 17th-19th centuries, U.K. businesses had their own “corporate militaries,” backed by the bought-and-paid crown if needed.

The article below discusses the history of the innocuously named East India Company, chartered by “the crown” in 1600 with a license perpetuated for decades via legal bribes, the historical equivalent of lobbying.

Here’s What The World’s Leading Business Looked Like 300 Years Ago

The East India Company was publicly traded, lasting for 274 years until its dissolution in 1874.  During that time, it plundered and pillaged India – and later China – with its own fleet of warships, enslaving the world’s “savages” and forcing them to “trade” with it under penalty of capital punishment and imprisonment, supported – as always – by the imperialist British “crown.”

Its officers luxuriated while the indigenous people of its conquered lands lived in poverty, surrendering their national treasures, labor, and dignity for East India’s profit, as described below:

Bengal weavers were forced into a position of near slavery, forced to sell exclusively to the company at whatever prices the company dictated. This was achieved through fines, imprisonments, and floggings. The company’s practices led to desperation among the weavers, some of whom cut off their thumbs to prevent being forced to wind silk.  It was during the drought and famine of 1769-1770 that the company’s actions provoked worldwide outrage. To keep prices from skyrocketing, Company agents began hording grain and ramping up revenue collection.  The result was scores dead from starvation.  A recent history has pegged total East India-related casualties at 1.2 million.

Moreover, the East India Company may have directly led to the creation of America, cutting off Britain’s most valuable “colony” and, in essence, offsetting the centuries of illicit profits it generated.

(Incidentally, the drought also indirectly caused the Boston Tea Party, when parliament caved to Company demands to offset falling revenues by removing the company’s export duties, undercutting American tea traders).

In other words, East India ultimately bred the nation that would surpass it, like Luke Skywalker destroying his father, Darth Vader, per Ben Kenobi’s comments below.

“The Emperor knew, as I did, if Anakin were to have any offspring, they would be a threat to him.”

Finally, in its last ditch effort to remain viable in the mid-19th Century – which the aforementioned Gai-Jin passage was clearly based on – they turned to the Chinese opium trade, the most destructive and immoral market they had dealt in, before ultimately dissolving in 1874.  By that time, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese military might became too powerful for East India, and it disintegrated into oblivion, a nearly three-century blight on humanity, care of the bribed “crown” of England
Some may view my recent anti-U.K. tirades as off-topic, but I believe they are DEAD ON.  While countless nations have plundered and pillaged over five millennia, only England has done so with a combination of military force and financial chicanery, creating the building block for the most evil of all imperialistic empires, 21st century America.  As of today, the East India Company ranks as the world’s most evil corporation ever, but I fear what the American corporatocracy will commit in the name of profit in the coming years, possibly NOW if Obama carries through his threat to invade Iran.

Notably, both nations sought world domination under the PROPAGANDA of “civilization” and “peace,” the calling card of “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”  PROTECT YOURSELVES, or ye shall be sheared!