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Today you’re in for a “change of pace,” as I’m writing on the red eye to Ft. Lauderdale at 1:00 AM, having been awake for 20 hours without so much as a five minute catnap.  Plus, I’m on Spirit Airlines – which by far, has the narrowest seats of any airline on the planet; so my arms are so compressed, I can barely type.

That said, the good news is you’ll get a true “stream of thought” article – as my senses are simultaneously dulled by exhaustion, and heightened by the joy of watching Sylvie – one of the only other still awake souls – turning the pages of her My Little Pony workbook.  And for once, I have no internet availability, so I can’t be distracted by email, financial markets, or Precious Metal prices (although I am aware that silver surged to a new nine-month high of $17.30/oz before I boarded).

Yes, I accumulated plenty of “horrible headlines” in the past 24 hours; and yes, I could discuss this week’s explosive silver breakout – and maniacal, three-month old Cartel defense of $1,250/oz gold.  But frankly, aside from the sad announcement that one of the only true champion of real money America has known, Andrew Jackson, is being deleted from the $20 bill’s face – whilst the vile Alexander Hamilton, who ushered in what became the Federal Reserve, gets to remain on the $10l, I’m going to uncharacteristically eschew the news.  Other than to note that by the time this article is uploaded, the ECB will have issued another historically dovish policy statement – in advance of next week’s April 27th “monetary D-Day”; when the Bank of Japan is expected to double its equity “QQE” program, whilst Whirlybird Janet fabricates new excuses why the Fed needs to “hold off” policy tightening, whilst peddling fiction of the “recovery’ no one but Wall Street sees.

No, what I want to talk about is the fact that four years of Precious Metal pain is over, following the most violent, intense price suppression scheme in financial market history.  Not that suppression attempts have ended; as to the contrary, they are more vicious, blatant, and unrelenting than ever; and not just in gold and silver, but all asset classes.  And not that said “bear market” has been universal – as on average, gold near, at, or above previous all-time highs in nearly all currencies.  As even so, silver is decidedly not – nor are “paper PM investments” like mining shares, ETFs, and closed-end funds.  Thus, unless you have only owned physical gold in foreign currencies – which few do – you have experienced an historically brutal, and “unfair,” bear market since the “Sunday Night Paper Silver Massacre” of May 1st, 2011; and “Operation PM Annihilation I” four months later.  “Unfair,” in that it has occurred amidst the most bullish fundamentals imaginable; whilst conversely, “favored” investments like stocks and bonds have been ceaselessly supported amidst the worst imaginable environment.  Which consequently, has set the stage for one of history’s most violent mean reversions; as never before have Precious Metals been so undervalued; and financial assets, so historically overvalued.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 14 years of Cartel-fighting ignominy; and 45 years on the planet; it’s that life is unfair.  Not to mention, difficult, stressful, and unrelenting.  Which is why I, like everyone else, was forced to identify coping mechanisms, both personally and professionally.  To that end, I could easily write a hell of an entertaining book about what I’ve endured – and perhaps I will one day, when the battle is finally won.  That said, the end of the Cartel will unquestionably usher in a far more difficult existence, despite the “riches” higher gold and silver prices will bring to those, like myself, who had the strength of will to resist normalcy, and the courage to invest in the world’s most manipulated, and despised, asset class.  So it may well be a pyrrhic victory, as I may well be equally vilified for being “right,” as for having predicted the future in Cassandra-like fashion.

Philosophy aside, at my core I’m a financial analyst, with a lifetime of academic and practical training in how to “make money.”  It’s what drove me to Wall Street in the late 1980s, and to Precious Metals in 2002.  And today, to put essentially 100% of my liquid, investable assets where my mouth is – as I not only believe they will rise exponentially, but know so.  And whether rising gold, silver, and platinum will enable me to live richly, I could care less; as right now, I care principally of protecting my life’s savings; and secondarily, ensuring a safe and comfortable existence for Diana and Sylvie.  Which I am equally confident will NOT occur via historically overvalued stocks and bonds, particularly in a pre-Socialist world, where income and capital gains taxes are likely to skyrocket.

Along my 15 year journey, I’ve witnessed essentially all aspects of the Precious Metal industry, both good and bad.  And not just in Precious Metals but the financial markets in general, and the world at large.   First, as an equity investor; then, an investor relations officer; and finally, a die hard “gold bug,” purveying actual physical metal in what has become as much a labor of love as a job.

As suggested above, life is extremely humbling; and nowhere more so than in a world where one’s stock and trade has been commandeered by evil forces, whose sole goal is to destroy, defraud, and pillage.  But alas, from a purely financial standpoint, the “powers that be” are at the end of their rope.  Sure, they’ve still kept control, for the most part, of most financial assets.  But NOT economic activity, commodity prices, currency volatility, or political and social stability.  And NOT Precious Metals, as gold has not only surged worldwide, but decidedly bottomed in America, the epicenter of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme.

Well, that’s enough for now – as pretty soon I’m going to pass out, and I’d really like to be refreshed for tonight’s historic Q&A event.  But before I sign off, I want you to take a collective deep breath; ponder what you have dealt with for these four long years – or longer, for the “paper PM investment” sector; and know that you have survived the worst; and thus, are positioned to survive, and potentially thrive, in the coming, difficult years – as “YES, THE PRECIOUS METAL BULL MARKET IS FINALLY BACK!”